Representing bird atlas data (SABAP2) on a map

In a previous post, I plotted maps of my sampling sites for fynbos-endemic birds on a map, overlaying a polygon representing the fynbos to get an idea of how well I was covering the range of these birds. Unfortunately, the polygon (downloaded from SANBI) delineates the fynbos “biome” rather than fynbos as a vegetation type, so it includes areas of¬†lowland renosterveld and strandveld vegetation which are not utilised by fynbos endemic birds.

How then should I go about representing the ranges of these birds on my maps? The shapefiles I was using could delineate vegetation at a finer scale, so I could have plotted only those fynbos vegetation types suitable for my species (Cape sugarbird and orange-breasted sunbird). I struggled to get the subsetting to work for this though. I’m sure it could be done, but I ¬†thought of a better resource that would show ranges based on actual obervations: atlas data. Continue reading