I’m an M.Sc. student at the University of Cape Town. I started off my undergraduate career as an unsuccessful med school applicant (I now realise it’s the last thing in the world I’d want to do), settling instead for a B.Sc. in biochemistry, human physiology and ecology and evolution.

I did my honours (also at UCT) in biological sciences, working on a phylogeny for a small group of paper daisies (and exploring some interesting evolutionary hypotheses) and trying to figure out why black sparrowhawks bring green leaves into their nests.

I’ve just started my masters degree. I’ll be looking at patterns of genetic connectivity in birds endemic to the Cape Floristic Region and how this might help in assessing their vulnerability to climate change. My masters project is pretty much why I decided to create this blog, though I’ve been keen to start one for a while. The blog will basically act as a field diary for the project, though I’ll also blog about other stuff. I’m a keen birder and (very) amateur botanist and I own a camera, so I’ll try share some cool photos and stories.

Here’s my CV.



What looks like a skirt in this image is in fact a flame retardant Lufthansa airways blanket (I have several from various flights). You laugh, but I actually used one to extinguish an oven fire once, so there! They also make good towels, scarves, picnic blankets etc., and are good for covering up sunburned legs (see above).


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